Data Services

Data Services

The fact is, the client or companies data you’ve got in your database is decaying from time to time at an alarming rate. On average, client or companies data decays by 65 to 70% each year.

The life of your data changes all the time as clients change numbers, companies and job roles. The same goes for businesses as companies get merged, move offices, close down, and employees come and go. This data not only clogs up your database but also costs your business significant money, time, manpower and energy impacting on your marketing efforts causing unnecessary costs and damaging your ROI calculations.

Unfortunately the most stringent efforts to prevent errors from crawling into the client data; companies are struggling to keep all inaccuracies and errors from finding their way in to the contact records.

Regularly cleansing, modifying and enriching rotten data in bulk could turn out to be an asset for your company with high ROIs. Clean and accurate data is the easiest way to grow your productivity and increase your success graph.

DataProtein Data Services inject crystal clean and comprehensive data into your sales and marketing pipeline; sharpening your aim onto real opportunities and helping you find more of the right leads, build more effective campaigns, and let your sales guys focus on selling and not researching.

Why Data Services ?
  • Diagnose and clean your current data.
  • Purge irrelevant, dirty data to save time, energy, manpower and money.
  • Keep your data crystal clean and enriched moving forward.
  • Instantly increase lead volume and quality.
  • Improve targeting and scoring.
  • A complete view of new leads.
  • Bring teams together by bringing data together.
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